Our History

A breakthrough brought by natural materials in Okinawa

Our HistoryInitially, Pitcher Pure™ was positioned as a second line to assist Water Pure™. But beyond our expectations, we received high praise from users. Pitcher Pure™ is a pot-type water purifier that adds minerals and vitamins that are not found in tap water. It is similar to our other products, but it adds an overwhelmingly “delicious taste” that can eliminate the distinctive calcium odor of tap water. The secret is Sea Mud “Kucha” that had been discovered in the Ryukyu era. It is said to purify water in a mellow way. It was used to wash vegetables, hair, and other food. Off of the Okinawa shore, there is a great source of coral fossils. It is a substance that adds minerals to water. These unique materials from nature in Okinawa have helped our health and beauty.

The value started to be recognized

創業ヒストリーWith the success of Pitcher Pure™, the original value of Water Pure™ became unexpectedly recognized. It is being used not only in Japan, but also in support projects of developing countries. We donated Water Pure™ and Pitcher Pure™ to the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s “Acadex Elementary School” project promoted by Keio University · Hasebe Research Group etc. (For details, here). In 2012, the seawater desalinating device Ocean Pure™, that we were trying to create from the beginning, was finally completed. We succeeded in developing Ocean Pure 100™ for individuals to utilize. The total weight is less than 30 kg and can be carried. The price is also very cheap. Our strength is having a strong mind for safe and delicious water. With the understanding of your needs, we were able to produce products that were not available. We would like to hear your voice.



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