Emergency Readiness

Secure safety and relief for emergency readiness with world class smallest desalination machine MYZ E-40H.

■ easy operation helps quick action when emergency
■ World class smallest size with 61.5cm Side 44.5cm Width 25.5cm height.
■ Passed Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare standard of safe drinking water.
■ Desalination rate is above 99.6%.
■ For secure drinking water at remote island, boat, emergency readiness.
■ Okinawa Coral Fossils for adding minerals makes better taste of drinking water.
■ Water purification rate
(Sea Water 30% drinking water, 70% brine water /
Sweet water, 60% drinking water, 40% waste water).
■ Customizable for larger size of diesel or gasoline engine.

 If prepared small desalination machine, you can secure drinking water at emergency readiness. Makes drinking water from sea, river, pool and bath tub.

 MYZ series are the world class smallest machine. Increase supply of drinking water, can save the storage space. You can put another emergency readiness items.
 E-40H size is Side 61.5cm width 44.5cm Height 25.5cm with 30kg. Can be loaded on the car. Even female can handle it.
 Water test was done by approved facility of Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare and passed the standard of drinking water. (Bacteria is under100/1ml, E.Coli is zero, Chloride Ion is under 200mg/liter)

E-40H—MYZ series (Desalination machine)



■R.O. Membrane performace


■MYZ E-40H product specification

W615 × D445 × H255 ㎜ Weight 30㎏
Water Purification amount sea water 40ℓ/H
Sweet water 80ℓ/H
Water Purification ratio
Sea Water 30%drinking Water、70% brine Water
Sweet Water 60%drinking、40% waste Water
Ues power
24V / 16A / 400w / DC
Continuous operation
10 hour

MYZseries Other lineup

Electric Operation
Gas operation

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