Emergency Readiness

Secure safety and relief for emergency readiness with world class smallest desalination machine MYZ E-40

■ easy operation helps quick action when emergency
■ World class smallest size is Side 45cm width 65cm Height 40cm with 50kg.
■ Passed Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare standard of safe drinking water.
■ Desalination rate is above 99.2-99.8%.
■ For secure drinking water at remote island, boat, emergency readiness.
■ Okinawa Coral Fossils for adding minerals makes better taste of drinking water.
■ Water purification rate
(Sea Water 30% drinking water, 70% brine water /
Sweet water, 60% drinking water, 40% waste water).
■ Customizable for larger size of diesel or gasoline engine.

MYZ series are the world class smallest machine. Increase supply of drinking water, can save the storage space. You can put another emergency readiness items.

E-40 size is Side 45cm width 65cm Height 40cm with 50kg. Can be loaded on the car. Even female can handle it.

 Water test was done by approved facility of Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare and passed the standard of drinking water. (Bacteria is under100/1ml, E.Coli is zero, Chloride Ion is under 200mg/liter)

■MYZ Series™, Desalination Device E-40

■Product Specs

Frame Size
W650 × D450 × H400 ㎜
50 ㎏
Water Purification
Sea Water 35~40ℓ/H
Sweetwater 70~80ℓ/H
Power Use
100-120V / 200-250V (0.4kW)

■Expendable supplies and exchanging parts

Sediment filters for rough objects. All models require two sediment filters. The filter replacement frequency depends on the quality of original water. Replacement frequency varies depending on the quality of raw water.
Reverse Osmosis & Housing The reverse osmosis membrane is the core part of the desalinator. Although it depends on the original water condition, it is not necessary to change the reverse osmosis membrane for several years under the normal use. We are fully responsible for replacing the originally developed housing by our company.
Exchanging parts Please contact us.

Intake pump separately from the main power consumption (0.1kW to 1.5kW) power is required. Intake pump required by head from raw water Is different, so please feel free to contact us. The amount of purified water will differ according to the amount of salinity, the temperature and the quality of the original water. Periodical cleaning and maintenance is required. All products and product specifications in this brochure are subject to change without notice.

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■R.O. Membrane performace

Gasoline or Diesel operated models and higher performance models that can produce more purified water are also available. Feel free to contact us.

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