Water Pure Pro

Water Pure Pro™
Our Water Pure Pro™ is a high-performance water purifier that can be used when life’s unexpected emergencies occur. Rain, river, and even pool water can be purified into drinking water with no power supply necessary. We have already installed Water Pure Pro™ for local governments around the world. In emergencies, we can not only rely on plastic water bottles. A stable water supply is needed for various living situations. Even tap water faucets can still contain bacteria and rust. Water Pure Pro™ is your solution to safe and purified water.

Water Pure Pro™How to use / Easy to use

Water Pure Pro™

List price: 69,800yen(Exclude Tax)

■ We always Make-To-Order.
■ Our delivery time is about 2 weeks after your order receipt.

▼ Water Pure Pro™ Product Specification
External dimensions of main body/W280×D200×H400mm
Weight /2kg
Water purification speed/1.5L/ M
Power/Manual piston pump
Inside the main body bottle: Ceramic filter:(for removing coarse dust)
Filter: Hollow fiber membrane (0.01 micron)
Silver activated carbon
Processing method of cartridge: Although correspondence differs depending on each municipality, it seems to be treated as incombustible garbage.

Removal experiment result:
E. coli 99.9% removal
99.9% removal of radioactive material
Virus etc. 99.9% removal

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