MYZ Series™, Desalination Device

ボートWe have developed and manufactured a portable desalination machine. Our MYZ Series™ can purify sea water as well as contaminated water. It can even purify water that contains metal, chemicals or bacteria. Our modest size is great for emergency readiness and even suitable for most types of boats. It’s a helpful accommodation on construction sites near a river. Our desalination machine has passed Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare for safe drinking water.
Emergency Readiness

1, The amount of purified water will differ according to the amount of salinity, the temperature and the quality of the original water.
2, Periodical cleaning and maintenance is required.

MYZ Series™, Desalination Device E-40

■Product Specs

Suitcase Model Frame Model
W660 × D500 × H310 ㎜
Weight 50㎏
W650 × D450 × H400 ㎜
Weight 50㎏
Water Purification
Sea Water 35~40ℓ/H
Sweetwater 70~80ℓ/H
Power Use
100V / 220V (400w 6.8A) 100V / 220V (520w 5.3A)
Continuous operation
10 Hour
One external sediment filter come with the unit. Two external sediment filter come with the unit.

※Two Types ti select (Suitcase and Frame Type)
※The size measurement does not included the size of the hose.

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■Product Specs

Size W700 × D500 × H400 ㎜
Weight 58 ㎏
Water Purification
Sea Water 50~60ℓ/H
Sweetwater 100~120ℓ/H
Power Use 100V / 220V (1.2kW 8.4A)
Continuous operation 15 Hour


■Product Specs

Size W930 × D500 × H450 ㎜
Weight 78 ㎏
Water Purification
Sea Water 110~120ℓ/H
Sweetwater 220~240ℓ/H
Power Use Single phase 220V /
3-phase 220V (1.87kW 9.2A)
Continuous operation 15 Hour


■Product Specs

Size W1,200 × D550 × H665 ㎜
Weight 108 ㎏
Water Purification
Sea Water 230~250ℓ/H
Sweetwater 460~500ℓ/H
Power Use Single phase 220V /
3-phase 220V (2.57kW 12.2A)
Continuous operation 15 Hour

Expendable supplies and exchanging parts

■Sediment filters for rough objects.

E-40 requires one sediment filter to be used. The other models require two sediment filters. The filter replacement frequency depends on the quality of original water. Replacement frequency varies depending on the quality of raw water.

■Reverse Osmosis & Housing

The reverse osmosis membrane is the core part of the desalinator. Although it depends on the original water condition, it is not necessary to change the reverse osmosis membrane for several years under the normal use. We are fully responsible for replacing the originally developed housing by our company.

■Exchanging parts

contact us.

Gasoline or Diesel operated models and higher performance models that can produce more purified water are also available. Feel free to contact us.

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