Our History

Our vision is to manufacture convenient solutions for water desalination products. We have been aiming to “deliver safe and delicious water all over the world.” The story below introduces the story from when we founded the business to getting it on track. We hope you understand the ideas and goals of Y’s Global vision.

People need clean water and we want to help them get it

Our History
In some places, people are suffering from a shortage of clean water even though we are surrounded by ocean. In Okinawa, there is a dry area in the mountains where rivers are scarce. There is not a source of freshwater.

We saw a great need for water and want to deliver safe and clean water all over the world.

Y`s Global Vision was born from this realization.

Our progress of seawater desalination during the Great Earthquake…

Our History
The first thing we worked on was an attempt to desalinate seawater. A large-scale plant was already developed in 2010, but only local authorities and big companies were able to afford it. We aimed and devoted our research to create the most compact and inexpensive seawater desalination apparatus. Every day we faced trial and error. During our attempts, the Great Japan Earthquake hit us in the East.

Mineral water disappeared from convenience stores. Even in Tokyo, distant from the afflicted area, people were looking for safe drinking water. We thought, “Can we do something about this serious situation?” So, we started developing our ideas to create a powerful water purifier that can transform water from a river or pool into drinking water.

Challenging the overlapping failures without failing

Our HistoryAs we were struggling to change sea water to fresh water, we found it was technically not so difficult to clean the fresh water. However, when it came to the stage of commercialization, the barrier of regulation began to stand. The materials for the water purification filter we ordered overseas were not permitted by law to import. We suffered a lot of damage. The materials of the filter are very important because it influences the performance of the water purifier. The more we asked for perfection, the more we were struggling to choose the materials.

Six months after the earthquake, Water Pure™ was finally completed. It was characterized as a high performance machine that turns ink into drinking water. However, once we cleared up some issues, others appeared. Once we finally finished, the sales were not so good. As time passed after the earthquake, many Japanese people were worried, “”maybe we have to drink river water.” Thus, we developed the water purifier, Pitcher Pure™. Now anyone can turn tap water into mineral water. We finally made it pure and delicious.




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